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B.O.O.M. Company is a rogue-like twin-stick space shooter. The player controls a ragtag team of mercenaries trying to survive by taking odd and unique jobs from the different factions that occupy the universe. Ultimately the choice of their actions will affect the universe as a whole.

Fly Like A Space Cowboy

  • Take revenge on people that have wronged you in the past!
  • Rescue people from dire circumstances!
  • Save the universe from certain doom!
  • Get untold riches!
  • Meet exotic aliens that want to kill you for your untold riches!

Fight with speed and style

  • Bullet hell style high-octane gameplay
  • In-mission upgrade system lets you tune your ship as you work towards your mission objectives from machine guns and missiles to nuke and black hole generators
  • Control different styles of spacecraft from a high-tech fighter to a missile-surfing mech
  • Gain favors with different mega corporations and access their high-tech weaponry for maximum mayhem

Discover a unique universe

  • Navigate through a universe ruled by eccentric mega-corporations
  • Choose to take on baddies with humanitarian missions, join the dark side for fame and riches, or be on your own team and walk the fine line between good and evil

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